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"Bill Sorvino as the moral but uncertain Jonathan is delightful and sells his character’s frustration at his work situation believable."
Bobby Pire

Recent Filmography

2019 - Iron Terry Malone

Pre-Production/Dark Comedy

When a local bar in N.J. is in danger of closing, the owner & 5 regulars plot to kill one of their own and collect on a phony life insurance policy. The problem, the man they have chosen as their mark, just won’t die. Based on True Events.


2018 - Who's Jenna?


When Jonathan Burke, a financial advisor, starts dating Jenna Casey, an aspiring lawyer, Johnathan’s best friend Andy Romeo is convinced she looks exactly like a famous adult film star. Not only does Johnathan have to deal with his friends claim but he also has to juggle his relationship with his boss who is possibly black-mailing him and is Jenna’s brother-in-law.


2018 - Yellow Scare

The time: World War II. Hitler and his heinous henchmen join forces with the Japanese and a mysterious evil leader to create a doomsday weapon that will end the war once and for all. The only thing that stands in their way is the brave (and bumbling) American heroes: Happy Charlie Steel and his brother Rex. Joined by the brave and beautiful Laura McShaunnesey, a drunken Irish pilot, and a pair of song and dance men, the fate of the free world is in their hands.

2016 - Mommy's Box

A 30-year-old man denying his past is forced to confront the lingering influence of his mother after her death.


New Jersey Lawmakers Hope Restored Tax Break Will Bring Filming Back to the Garden State

Bill Sorvino, is an independent filmmaker and currently in production on “Iron Terry Malone,” which he plans to film in Hoboken. The film, which Bill Sorvino said will begin shooting in September, is directed by Johnny Greenlaw... Read More

Artist, community leader, misbehaviouralist.


Perfecting the craft , and in constant pursuit of living truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.

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Founded alongside Christian Keiber the ensemble is in pre-production on it's first original stage production.